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Special Online Assessment Offer

If you have a breathing-related issue and would like support to improve your condition, book an online assessment for only AU$59.

These assessments help identify unbalanced or dysfunctional breathing patterns, such as mouth breathing, thoracic-dominant or paradoxical breathing, rapid breathing, hyperventilation, hypoventilation, and irregular breathing patterns, which can cause or worsen symptoms associated with stress and a range of medical conditions including rhinosinusitis, asthma, COPD, snoring, sleep apnoea, inducible laryngeal obstruction, gastro-oesophageal reflux, functional cardiac syndrome, thrombosis, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, Long COVID, and can also reduce exercise tolerance and sports performance.

Following an assessment, personalised recommendations will be made for you. For more information, contact The Breathing Clinic, or buy now for only AU$59 and you will be contacted to arrange your online breathing assessment. Distance is no obstacle - all you need is a good internet connection!



Breathe Right Seminar

When:  Sunday 13 + 20 August 2023

Time:  9am - 5pm AEST (click to check your time zone)

Where:  Online - attend from the comfort of your own home!

Presenter:  Tina Taylor, Respiratory Educator & Breathing Therapist

This 2-day seminar is LIVE and ONLINE so you can attend from the comfort of your home! Be an Early Bird and reserve your spot before 17 July and SAVE $50 and pay only $99! Numbers are strictly limited to enhance attendee experience so book early to avoid disappointment. To book, click here.

Your Presenter is Tina Taylor - University-qualified Respiratory Educator & Breathing Therapist @ The Breathing Clinic! Tina will deliver a visually engaging and highly informative 2-day seminar choc-full of evidence-based information about WHY it's important to address dysfunctional or disordered breathing and what you can do to "breathe right" for life!

You don't have to have a “breathing issue” to attend this seminar but this seminar may be especially helpful if you have difficulty breathing nasally OR you notice yourself breathing in the upper chest/shallowly when you are at rest, stressed, or wanting to relax OR your breathing is rapid OR you suspect you might over-breathe or under-breathe OR you have irregular breathing patterns with excessive sighing, breath-holding and/or yawning. This seminar will address these breathing patterns in detail and provide recommendations to restore better breathing and improve quality of life. This seminar will also explain WHY certain breathwork techniques - including Holotropic Breathing, Wim Hof Breathing, and certain Yoga Pranayama - may not be appropriate for everyone despite their popularity, and why it's important to address dysfunctional or disordered breathing patterns before applying these breathwork techniques.

The following conditions will be specifically addressed in this seminar coupled with explanations about HOW dysfunctional breathing patterns can worsen these conditions: Long COVID, dyspnoea (breathing difficulty), rhinosinusitis, nasal valve collapse, nasal hypersensitivity, nasal dryness, crowded/crooked teeth and retracted lower jaw, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), snoring, sleep apnoea, glosso-postural syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, otitis media, hyper-responsive airway (over-sensitive and over-reactive airway), asthma, exercise-induced bronchoconstriction, COPD, respiratory infections, inducible laryngeal obstruction (ILO), tension dysphonia, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD), hyperinflation, low heart rate variability (HRV), anxiety or panic disorders, ADHD, poor memory and cognitive function, poor core stabilisation and lower back pain, poor exercise tolerance and compromised sports performance, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)/chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), functional cardiac syndrome, autoimmune conditions involving mast cell degranulation, and so much more!

You'll be amazed by what you learn and may even be surprised by what you discover about your own breathing patterns (or the breathing patterns of someone you know) as Tina invites you to relate the material to your own experience. You'll leave this seminar with a newfound appreciation for what it means to "breathe right" for life along with a 50-page summary of the material presented and a toolkit of breathing techniques and suggestions to support you living your best life including: How to Breathe Right when Speaking; How to Breathe Right when Exercising; How to Breathe Right when Sleeping PLUS audio and video recordings of breathing exercises and techniques to help you develop your breathing foundation.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of better breathing! Join Tina via ZOOM @ this 2-day Breathe Right Seminar on Sunday 13 August and Sunday 20 August 9am to 5pm!

To book, click here.