Yoga in the heart of Yungaburra!

YOGA BURRA is a lovely Yoga Studio that forms part of The Breathing Clinic & Wellness Centre located on the top floor of the iconic chalet next to Nick's Swiss Italian Restaurant. 


$20 - Single Class Drop-In Rate

$15 - Single Class Drop-In Rate (Seniors, Pensioners, Adult Students)

$10 - Single Class Drop-In Rate (Child)

Senior = A person who is 60 years or older AND not working full-time

Pensioner = A person receiving an Australian Government Pension or Allowance

Adult Student = A person over the age of 18 years of age AND studying full-time

Child = A person under the age of 18 years of age.

4-Class Pass (Expires 31 May 2019) - only $50

You can purchase 1 or more $50 4-class pass/es until midnight Sunday 7 April 2019 HOWEVER you must use ALL classes on your $50 4-class pass/es by 31 May 2019.  Extensions will not be granted under any circumstances (including holidays and unexpected/unforeseeable events).  

These class passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.  It is your responsibility to prioritize coming onto the yoga mat to get value for money from your purchase. 

To purchase 1 or more $50 4-class pass/es, click the link below and you will be issued with your class pass/es during your next visit to YOGA BURRA.


The timetable for March/April 2019 is below.  

Yoga Flow
Strong Flow
Yoga Flow
6pm - 7pm

FREE CLASS funded by the Tablelands Regional Council Friday 8 March - Friday 3 May.  To attend this class you must register with the TRC via the following link - 

PLEASE NOTE: There are NO yoga classes on public holidays. 

Yoga classes are subject to change, so please follow YOGA BURRA on Facebook for up-to-the-minute changes and updates. 

You can find YOGA BURRA on Facebook by clicking here!

Yoga Class Descriptions

YOGALATES 1 - Fusion of Yoga and Pilates to stretch & strengthen the body with an emphasis on developing core strength (esp. abdominal and pelvic floor muscles) combined with optimal breathing patterns for core stabilization.  Level 1 - suitable for beginners. 

YOGALATES 2 - Builds on YOGALATES 1 with a more challenging combination of Yoga and Pilates poses to stretch & strengthen the body with an emphasis on developing a strong core.  This class presupposes that attendees have mastered the fundamentals in YOGALATES Level 1. Class concludes with final relaxation.  Level 2 - intermediate level.

Yoga Flow - Dynamic/fluid style of yoga where poses flow into one another and are more challenging compared to the static poses offered in YOGALATES 1.  Depending on the number of attendees, this class may include "poses at the wall".  Suitable for those who are injury-free and have yoga experience and/or enjoy a yoga challenge.  Concludes with final relaxation.   Level 2 - intermediate level.

Strong Flow - Dynamic style of yoga with a greater emphasis on poses that strengthen the body combined with poses for a deep stretch.  Suitable for those who are injury-free and have yoga experience and/or enjoy a yoga challenge.  Concludes with final relaxation.   Level 3 - stronger intermediate level.

Yogalates H.I.I.T. - 1-hour fusion of yoga-inspired high intensity interval training (HIIT) to stimulate the cardiovascular system AND Pilates-style strengthening poses AND yoga poses to stretch muscles and reduce lactic acid build-up!  This class is offered with modern music and concludes with final relaxation to restore balance to the nervous system.  Bring water and a towel to this class – you will be thirsty and may sweat!   Level 3 - stronger intermediate level.

Yoga Props

All yoga props (mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters, eye pillows, etc.) are provided for your comfort and convenience however if you prefer to use your own yoga mat, please bring it with you.  You may also choose to bring a towel with you however this is purely optional.

Yoga Retreats

Yungaburra is a lovely getaway and tourist hot-spot on the Atherton Tablelands with Yungaburra Markets occurring on the 4th Saturday of every month!  With YOGA BURRA being in the heart of Yungaburra, you can enjoy a "Yoga Retreat" virtually any day of the week!  Treat yourself to an overnight stay in Yungaburra (you are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation and restaurant options) and pop in for a yoga class while you are here!